March 13, 2007 — Regular Meeting

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March 13, 2007

Moweaqua Village Hall

7:00 P.M.


Call to Order

Pledge to the Flag

Roll Call

Approval of February Regular Meeting Minutes

Approval of Treasurer’s Report

Approval of Bills to be Paid in March

Mayor’s Report

Attorney’s Report

Committee Reports

Public Participation


  1. Tolly Variance Ordinance – Atty. Antoline
  2. Annexation Schedule – Atty. Antoline
  3. Recycling – Boomer Neece
  4. Rt. 51 Coalition – Mayor Lowe
  5. Budget – Mayor Lowe



The Regular Meeting of the Moweaqua Village Council was called to order by Mayor Lowe leading in the Pledge to the Flag. Roll Call was answered by Jon King, Mark Thomas, Steve Ruot, Jim Mahone and Louise Weakly. Employees present were Louis Jordan, Paul Bollhorst, Chief McLearin, Lola Allen and Attorney Mike Antoline. Others present included Cinda Jordan, Mike Reschke, Bill Chasteen, Scout Leaders, John Odell, Kenneth McLeod, Dennis Nash, Roger Snively and Boy Scouts, Casey McLeod, Nick Myers, Ethan Snively, Breck Seitz, Will Stryker and John Morrell.

Mayor Lowe welcomed the scouts and their leaders to the meeting and provided each with copies of the Treasurer’s Report, Bills to be Paid, etc. so they could follow along in the proceedings. Mayor Lowe also explained to the scouts that each member of council is chairman of a committee and also serves on at least one other committee. Mayor Lowe stated that it is the duty of the council members to work together for a better Moweaqua.

Mayor Lowe then called on Chief McLearin to read aloud a thank you letter received from Jim Tillman of the Hog Trough Too Restaurant. Tillman expressed his gratitude to the Village employees for their service to the community which extends above and beyond what they are required to do as employees.

Thomas made the motion to approve the minutes of the February Regular Meeting, Ruot seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Thomas, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

Ruot made the motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Weakly seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Thomas, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

After additions were made by the Clerk, Mahone made the motion to approve the Bills to be Paid in March, Ruot seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Thomas, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

Next in New Business the Clerk presented a bill for membership dues to the Rt. 51 Coalition Organization. Council had many questions such as: What is being done with the funds they raise and what progress is being made? It was requested that Davis call the secretary of the Coalition and bring more information to the next Regular Meeting.

Before the Attorney’s Report Mayor Lowe introduced Attorney Antoline to the Boy Scouts and explained his roll as our legal advisor at the Village Board Meetings.

Antoline gave a brief update on the tax refund project and reported that the TIF project is making progress. Antoline stated that we are making steps towards the final goal.

Antoline explained that since 9/11 the federal government is asking all municipalities to pass what is called a NIMS resolution. The purpose of the resolution is to recognize the federal government as the central emergency management authority in case of a national crisis. Antoline will have the resolution ready to be acted on at the next regular meeting as well as corrected ordinances pertaining to fireworks and the mobile housing code.

In committee reports Mahone stated that a problem has arisen with the recycling program. Recycling will be available in March and will be located at the ground storage water tank on old Rt. 51 North. Further information will be given at the next regular meeting.

Water and Sewer Superintendent Louis Jordan reported that the Water Department and the Street Department may recover up to 75{d3bb7c3d20bb2c333f8bbb4cc4dee311415bccd1d2e8a98d1fef6c9530e85137} of their losses incurred during the ice storm through IEMA. Mahone explains to the scouts that IEMA stands for Illinois Emergency Management Agency and their purpose is to provide relief to communities in the event of a federal emergency such as tornado, earthquake and flood disasters.

Police Committee Chairman Steve Ruot reported that the insurance case involving squad car 102 has been resolved and Officer Maynard will not be held personally liable for the damages. Ruot also informed Council that, Susie Jaynes, a representative from our insurance company, IMLRMA, will be present at the next regular meeting. Jaynes will explain IMLRMA’s position in this type of incident and what should be done for the future. Ruot also stressed that employees should not drive their personal vehicles for work purposes.

Ruot also reported for the Building and Grounds Committee that a contract for cleaning will be implemented since the remodeling project is now complete. Ruot requested Council’s input and suggestions in regard to the purposed contract. After discussion all were in agreement that cleaning should be done bi-weekly at a rate of $90.00. Anita Clark will continue to clean and will submit a completed checklist for her pay to be issued. Ruot requested approval to purchase various cleaning tools and a new vacuum to make thorough cleaning easier. Mahone made the motion to approve purchasing cleaning tools and a vacuum, Weakly seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Thomas, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

Mayor Lowe presented for approval the 2007-2008 budget. After Council consideration, Thomas made the motion to approve the 2007-2008 budget, Weakly seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Thomas, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

Ruot requested permission for the Police Department to purchase 5 new live traps for the purpose of trapping stray animals. Mahone made the motion to purchase five live traps, Ruot seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Thomas, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

Scoutmaster John Odell thanked all the members of Village Council for welcoming the troop and explained that the boys are working on merit badges for citizenship in the community. One of the criteria for earning the badge is to attend a public body meeting. Odel also thanked Chief McLearin for visiting a scout meeting recently and giving a presentation and inspirational talk.

Meeting adjourned 8:09 P.M.