Leaf Pick Up

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Leaf pick up will begin October 12, 2020

What are the guidelines for leaf pick up?

  • Pick up is according to area starting October 12 and ending November 25th
  • Leaves must be on the boulevard by 7:30 A.M. on pick up days  WE WILL NOT BACK TRACK
  • Pile leaves into one continuous narrow pile on the boulevard (road side of the ditch)
  • DO NOT pile in the bottom of the ditch or around culvert ends
  • DO NOT include limbs, brush, trash, or other debris (must be piled separately)
  • DO NOT pile around trees, poles, or mailboxes
  • Area 1 will be picked up on Mondays (North and East of the 4-way stop)
  • Area 2 will be picked up on Wednesdays (South and East of the 4 way stop)
  • Area 3 will be picked up on Fridays (everything West of Main Street)
  • Dates may change due to weather, holidays, or any emergencies


Area 1 North and East of Main & Main

October 12,19,26   November 2,9,16,23


Area 2 South and East of Main & Main

October 14,21,28   November 4,12,18,24


Area 3 Everything West of Main

October 16,23,30   November 6,13,20,25

After scheduled days for, both brush and leaf pickup, will be as time and weather allows

Leaf Pickup Model (1)