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NOTICE: Outdoor Warning Siren Status
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The Village of Moweaqua would like to inform the public on the status of the outdoor warning siren activation. After the meeting on 5/15/17 with Mike Crews, Christian County Emergency Manager, it has been confirmed that the sirens that are activated by the Moweaqua Fire Department are hazard​ warnings used for alerting the public of a hazardous accident or emergency, usually it is in the case of severe weather. According to the National Weather Service, sirens are to be activated for storms that have a history of producing tornadoes or damage, funnel clouds with hail, sustained wind speeds of 50-60 mph, and if the village is within the polygon warning box that is provided by National Weather Service.

The sirens are warnings for people outdoors that dangerous storms or conditions are coming. The local fire department is instructed to sound the sirens prior to storms reaching Christian County, when possible. Tornadoes cannot be seen on radar so sirens are activated when severe weather is present. The village police are also able to activate the sirens.

It is the recommendation of the EMA coordinator and our local fire department that you should use the sirens as a warning of severe weather, take shelter inside a sturdy location, and monitor local media. The best precaution would be to have a weather radio in your home. The EMA and the Moweaqua Fire Department will always err on the side of safety for our residents.


Thank you,

Shawn Conlin

Health/Safety Committee

The friendly Village of Moweaqua, Illinois, is located in the center of the state, along US 51, straddling the Christian/Shelby County Line, just south of the Macon County Line. Moweaqua is a growing and welcoming community of 2,000 friendly people with the traditional work ethic of midwestern small towns. The Village is surrounded by some of the absolute best farmland in the U.S., producing very high yields of corn and soybeans. The high land values and robust farm economy form a strong, stable economic base for the Village.

The Village of Moweaqua was established in 1852 by Mr. Michael Schneider. Depending on which Native American translation you choose, the name means either “muddy water” or “weeping woman”.

Moweaqua suffered a disastrous coal mine explosion on Christmas Eve, 1932, which is documented in detail here. A small museum has informational displays studied by visiting historians.

Modern Moweaqua is, today, a prosperous farming community and retail trading center offering convenient local supplies of groceries, hardware, restaurants with home cooking, pizza, a bowling alley, cabinetry, automotive repair, antiques, second-hand shops, and more. You will enjoy being called by name when you visit Moweaqua businesses.

Community activities serving a wide scope of interests take place in the excellent Central A&M school facilities and the three Village parks. North Park is home to many soccer, baseball, and volleyball games. The park features tennis courts, basketball courts, playground equipment, and a 1-mile walking trail. The 4th of July celebration, with entertainment and fireworks, is held at North Park.

Memorial Tree Park has 92 species of native Illinois trees, shading extensive plantings of native grasses and flowers, an idyllic setting for a delightful stroll. Central Park is the setting for the Pow-Wow Days celebration in June.

Moweaqua Golf Course, the Village owned 18 hole public golf course opened in 1993. It expanded to 18 holes in 2003, offering 4 sets of tees and a maximum yardage of 6300 yards. The course is a popular site for golf outings and features a pro shop, driving range and snack bar.

Moweaqua is truly the “One And Only.”