New Speed Radar Trailor

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The Moweaqua Police Department now has a Speed Radar Trailer. What is a Speed Radar Trailer? Well it’s a radar mounted sign that shows the driver their speed in that specific area and will flash and activate red/blue lights indicating if you are over the legal posted speed limit. We got the trailer to meet the concerns of the Village Residents regarding speeding vehicles in multiple areas within the village, so our goal is to help remind and educate drivers of the specific legal speed limit in those selected areas.
We will also be able to collect data on the average speed of vehicles and the number of vehicle that travel that road with date and time stamp, so we can place the Speed Radar Trailer in the high volume areas or areas were we need to help remind drivers of the legal speed limit.
So as you drive around town, you might see the trailer on the side of the road, so please make sure you’re driving the legal posted speed limit, especially during the summer months when there are more people outside walking and riding their bikes. Help us keep everyone safe.