April 28, 2005 — Year End Annual Meeting

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April 28, 2005

Moweaqua Village Hall

7:00 P.M.


Call to Order

Pledge to the Flag

Roll Call

Approval of Bills to be Paid

Public Investors Symposium


Mayors Report

Committee Reports

Council Comments

Swearing in of Mayor and Board members

Appoint Zoning Board members

Committee Appointments

Public Participation


The Year End Annual Meeting of the Moweaqua Village Council was called to order by Mayor Lowe leading in the Pledge to the Flag. Roll Call was answered by Jon King, Mike Tolly, Mark Thomas, Jim Mahone and Louise Weakly. Steve Ruot was absent.

Employees present were Louis Jordan, Boomer Neece, Lola Allen, Chief McLearin, Officer Maynard and Cinda Jordan. Others present included Howard and Janie Wise, Malcom and Norma Stewart and Jim Allen.

After additions by the Clerk Tolly made the motion to approve the Year End Bills to be Paid, Thomas seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Tolly, Thomas, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

Mayor Lowe requested Councils approval to attend a two day Public Investors Symposium in Springfield. There is no charge for the symposium but Mayor Lowe would like to be reimbursed for her room as she will need to stay overnight. Mahone made the motion to approve the Mayor attending the Public Investors Symposium, Weakly seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Tolly, Thomas, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

Mayor Lowe began her report by thanking Council for the opportunity to serve as interim Mayor after Mayor Dowd’s untimely passing. Being newly elected for a four year term Mayor Lowe states that with Councils help her sincere wish is for successful growth and good fortune for our community.

Mayor Lowe asked if Council had any comments at this time. King stated he is looking forward to another four years and thanked Tolly for his hard work during his term. Tolly stated he will be happy to help in any way he can. Mahone commented that he is anxious to see annexations take place for the continued growth of the Village.

At this time the newly elected officials were called forward to take their official oath of office. After the official swearing in all took their seats and welcomed new member Howard Wise. Newly elected officials were Mayor Lowe and Council members Jon King, Howard Wise and Steve Ruot. All will serve four year terms.

Mayor Lowe reappointed Zoning Board members, and Golf Board members and announced her new committee appointments. King made the motion to accept Board and Committee appointments by the Mayor, Mahone seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Wise, Thomas, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

In Attorney Antolines report he reminded Council of the Annexation Hearing immediately prior to the Regular Meeting at 7:00 P.M. on May 10th. Antoline is hopeful that he will have all the annexation documents prepared. According to State Statute the annexation agreements can be changed at that time if necessary and last minute corrections can be resolved. Antoline also states that if issues come up about legal descriptions they may be changed at that time as well. These changes and corrections should not hinder the annexation process.

Mayor Lowe inquired of Attorney Antoline about the TIF project and when the Village should begin that process. Antoline reports receiving a copy of the TIF proposal from Dan Walker of Jacob and Associates. Antoline will contact Mr. Walker and request his presence at the June Regular Meeting.

Meeting adjourned.