April 29, 2003 — Year End Annual Meeting

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April 29, 2003

Moweaqua Village Hall

7:00 P.M.


Call to Order

Pledge to the Flag

Roll Call

Approval of Bills to be Paid

Old Business

Mayors Report

Council Comments

Public Participation


The Year End Annual Meeting of the Moweaqua Village Council was called to order by trustee Jim Mahone leading in the Pledge to the Flag. Roll call was answered by Jon King, Mike Tolly, Norma Stewart, Steve Ruot, Jim Mahone and Louise Weakly. Employees present were Mike Antoline, Boomer Neece and Louis Jordan. Connie King was also present.

After corrections were made by the clerk and the addition of a bill from Ruot Contractors by Street Superintendent Boomer Neece, Tolly made the motion to approve the Year End Bills to be Paid, Stewart seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Tolly, Stewart, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

Committee Comments: Police Committee: Tolly commended Officer Maynard for doing a good job thus far as he begins his career in the Police Department. Tolly also reports that Richard Hayden has chosen to fully retire from the Police Department. Tolly asked council to consider some sort of gesture of appreciation for Hayden’s 23 years of service.

Building & Grounds: Stewart stated that she has enjoyed her brief term on council. Stewart thanked the other council members for making her feel welcome and helping her learn her responsibilities as trustee.

Water & Sewer: Ruot commented that the golf course needs to retain a liquor license.

Tolly made the motion to adjourn, Stewart seconded.