July 9, 2019–Regular Meeting

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July 9, 2019
6:30 P.M.

Call to Order
Pledge to the Flag
Roll Call

Approval of June Regular Meeting Minutes
Approval of June Special Meeting Minutes
Approval of Bills to be Paid in July
Approval of Treasurer’s Report

Committee Reports
Attorney’s Report
Mayor’s Report
Public Comment

1. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Mapping for Fiberoptic
Cable to be Installed by Brandon Rarick – Mayor Neece
2. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding a Site Lease for ACTS/
Brandon Rarick – Attorney Flynn
3. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding a Façade Grant Application
Submitted by Todd and Angie Knight – Mayor Neece
4. Approval of Chancer LLC. Variance Ordinance #2019-11 – Mayor Neece
5. Approval of Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget Appropriation Ordinance
#2019-12 – Marcia Maynard
6. Approval of Concealed Carry Weapon Ordinance #2019-13 – Attorney
7. Approval of Amended Neighborhood Electric Vehicles Ordinance
#2019-14 – Josh Whitney
8. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding High School Lift Station
Pump Repair – J.D. Malone
9. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Purchasing a New Police
Department Squad Car – Josh Whitney
10. Approval to Keep Executive Session Minutes from June 2016 Through
December 2017 Closed and Destroy Recordings – Mischelle Davis
11. Approval of Executive Session Minutes – Mischelle Davis
12. Executive Session – Mayor Neece
(A) Regarding the Appointment, Employment, Compensation
Discipline, Performance or dismissal of a Specific
(B) Pending Litigation
(C Real Estate