March 16, 2020–Special Meeting

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The Special Meeting of the Moweaqua Village Council was called to order by Mayor Neece. Roll Call was answered by Kenny Long, Dana Fore, Shawn Conlin, Josh Whitney and Sean Hayes. J.D. Malone arrived shortly after roll call. Employees present were Chief McReynolds, Officer Johnson, Officer Jones, Beth Hawn, Virginia Morrell, Sandi Callison, Ramiro Estrada, Brad Sams, Jack and Shelby Kaufman and Mischelle Davis.
Mayor Neece stated that the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the recent development of the highly infectious COVID-19 virus. The virus is spreading throughout other Countries and the U.S. rapidly. Without precautions the spread is a serious threat to our communities, families and loved ones. Mayor Neece stressed how important it is that we be proactive and follow the guidelines set forth by the Governor’s Office. The Governor’s Office will be conducting conference calls for Mayors and Government Authorities regularly. Mayor Neece stated that our IML Representative Brad Cole will send informative emails on a weekly basis on Friday’s. Recommendations so far are social distancing, hand washing, groups of only ten gathering indoors, groups of 50 outdoors and sanitization of doorknobs and surfaces. Police Chief Brian McReynolds stated that the Police Department will be using reactive enforcement unless a public safety issue arises. McReynolds has instructed the Officers to utilize personal protective gear when deemed necessary. The department will be going to 12 hour shifts in order to adhere to the recommendation for social distancing. After discussion it was determined that all Village Employees should maintain 6 feet social distancing, utilize gloves when needed and sanitize surfaces regularly. Water Clerk Virginia Morrell shared her concern regarding water customer traffic. Council was in agreement to close the offices to the public. Mayor Neece recommended drafting a notice to be posted on the website and on the Village Hall Office doors stating that the office would be closed and instructing customers to mail their payments or drop them in the drop box. In certain situations, an appointment can be made with a member of Village staff by calling the Village Hall.
Mayor Neece requested a motion to adjourn if there was no further business to come before Council. Conlin made the motion to adjourn, Malone seconded. Council voting Yes: Long, Fore, Conlin, Malone, Whitney and Hayes. No: None.