October 8, 2019–Regular Meeting

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October 8, 2019
6:30 P.M.

Call to Order Pledge to the Flag Roll Call

Approval of September Regular Meeting Minutes Approval of Bills to be Paid in October
Approval of Treasurer’s Report

Committee Reports Attorney’s Report Mayor’s Report Public Comment

1. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Food Pantry Donation – Marcia Maynard
2. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding American Legal Publishing Web Hosting – Mischelle Davis
3. Approval of Amended Liquor Ordinance #2019 -17 – Attorney Garwood
4. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Purchase of Patrol Rifle – Josh Whitney
5. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Purchase of Police
Department Body Cams and In-car Video Cameras – Josh Whitney
6. Discussion and Possible Action Authorizing Personnel to Survey Area South of Putnam Across Hwy. 51 and East of Gorden Rd. Across Hwy. 51 to See if There are Any Residents Interested in Tapping onto Village Water Supply – J.D. Malone
7. Approval of RE Pedrotti Team Viewer Subscription Quote – Ramiro Estrada
8. Approval of Maintenance Agreements with Cummins Sales and Service
– Ramiro Estrada
9. Executive Session – Mayor Neece
(A) Regarding the Appointment, Employment, Compensation Discipline, Performance or dismissal of a Specific Employee
(B) Pending Litigation (C Real Estate