October 9, 2001 — Regular Meeting

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October 9, 2001


7:00 P.M.


Call to Order

Pledge to the Flag

Roll Call

Approval of September Regular Meeting Minutes

Approval of Treasurer’s Report

Approval of Bills to Be Paid


  1. Brian Trygg and Sonia Thompson representing IDOT
  2. Don Wright – RE: Golf Course Expansion
  3. No Parking at North Park


  1. Stitch Easement
  2. Informative Letters to Residents

Mayors’ Report

Attorney’s Report

Committee Reports

Public Participation


The October Regular Meeting of the Moweaqua Village Council was called to order by Mayor Dowd leading in the Pledge to the Flag. Roll call was answered by Jon King, Jill Bailey, Evelyn Lowe, Steve Ruot, Jim Mahone and Louise Weakly. Employees present were Louis Jordan, Boomer Neece, Lola Allen,

Rudy Smith, Paul Bollhorst and Richard Hayden. Others present included Don Wright, Brian Trygg, Connie King and Mr. & Mrs. Howard Wise.

After corrections were made by the Clerk Bailey made the motion to approve the minutes of the September Regular Meeting, Weakly seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Bailey, Lowe, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

Lowe made the motion to approve the September Treasurer’s Report, Ruot seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Bailey, Lowe, Ruot, Mahone, and Weakly. No: None.

Chief Smith added two statements to the Bills to Be Paid. $296.32 to Citgo for fuel and $40.00 to Nicol

Advertising for printing. After corrections were made King made the motion to approve the Bills to Be Paid, Bailey seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Bailey, Lowe, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

In New Business Brian Trygg was present representing IDOT. Mr. Trygg attended the meeting to provide information about the Highway 51 bypass and the Jurisdictional Transfer of old 51. The attentive date for bid letting for the bypass is January 18th, 2002. Work will begin in Spring of 2002 and will be complete by October 1st, 2003. Addressing a concern of the Village council, Trygg reported our contract will state that our access to old Highway 51 at the new connectors will not be stopped any longer that thirty days. The entire project is the State of Illinois’ expense. The contract also includes eleven casings that enable water and sewer lines to cross the new bypass in the future without State permission. Draft agreements have been sent to Antoline to review and comment on. The agreements should be decided upon by mid November. IDOT has presented the option for Jurisdictional Transfer of existing Highway 51 from the State of Illinois to the Village of Moweaqua. The transfer would take place three weeks after the final inspection of the new bypass. Louis Jordan stated a major concern for the Village is that since our Highway has just recently been resurfaced, by the time the Village is to take possession it could be in disrepair from the heavy equipment being used to build the new bypass. Mahone expressed concern about the bridges North and South of town saying they should be in good condition before the Village takes possession. Trygg explained the State will keep responsibility for the box culverts on both bridges till replacement is needed. The State will then replace them and we will take over responsibility at that time. This will be stated in a separate agreement. King asked if at the final inspection of the new bypass the State might look at old Highway 51 to see if repairs are needed. After much dicussion Ruot made the motion to table the decision until the November meeting, Weakly seconded. Council voting Yes: Ruot

and Weakly. No: King, Bailey, Lowe, Mahone. Attorney Mike Antoline advised accepting the agreement. King made the motion to accept the agreement with the addition of a special provision for

the State to check the condition of old Highway 51, Mahone seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Bailey,

Lowe, Mahone and Weakly. No: Ruot.

Next in New Business Don Wright was present in regard to the Moweaqua Golf Course expansion. Wright brought an itemized breakdown of the new nine holes from Greg Holthaus before Council. The estimate is not for the construction of the course but for the design. Wright stated Holthaus is experienced

and would be a good choice for the job. After some discussion Mahone made the motion to ask for a bid from Holthaus for the design work, Lowe seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Bailey, Lowe, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

In other New Business parking at the North Park during games is an issue. People have been ignoring No Parking signs. Chief Smith reported conditions had improved at games on October 6th. Smith has been in contact with Coach Napier and explained the Village’s position. Parking is not permitted on either side

of Putnam Street for safety reasons. Ruot suggested games could be spaced apart to avoid so many people

trying to park at the same time.

In Old Business Antoline reported on the status of the Stitch Easement. Additional language will state that no dirt is to be removed from the site and clay must be put back first. Any broken tiles during excavation must be replaced. Antoline will have the Easement ready for November meeting.

In other Old Business Mayor Dowd again requested Committees submit their suggestions for the informational letters to residents.

Attorney’s Report: Antoline has been in contact with the owners of Korner Treasure’s regarding their delinquent Loan payments. Antoline made it clear to Mr. Fringer the Community Development Committee

has authorized him to collect past due payments and if the Village files suit in Shelby County Court or files a lien it will result in shut down of the business.

Presented Ordinance #10-09-2001-1 which changes the residency requirement of Village employees from having to live within Village limits to having a Moweaqua address. Ruot made the motion to accept

Ordinance #10-09-2001-1, Mahone seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Bailey, Lowe, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

Mayor’s Report: Mayor Dowd reported about property owned by Don Dial that Bob Moberly wants to purchase. They propose constructing a drive parallel to the Golf Course drive. There was some discussion

about what codes and regulations apply in this situation.

Police Committee: King reports no Officer could be reached during the parking problem at North Park.

Chief Smith explained if local officers cannot be reached the call is forwarded to Shelby County. Boomer

reported calling Shelby County. Shelby County informed Boomer if no one local could be reached they would send an officer. No one came. Lowe and Smith expressed concern about the working relationship

between the Village of Moweaqua and Shelby County.

Chief Smith requested the swearing in of Travis Kerby who will serve as a part-time patrolman. Kerby’s pay will start at $8:00 per hour. King made the motion to swear in Kerby at $8.00 per hour,

Weakly seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Bailey, Lowe, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

Finance Committee: Lowe stated windows are broken at Shell Station again and something should be

done. Antoline reports a Status Hearing will be held Thursday, October 11 in Shelby County Court concerning the Keller Oil matter. The dispute between the purchaser (First Christian Church) and Keller

has been resolved. The property should change hands soon. Mayor Dowd suggests contacting the Church about the appearance of the property and ask what their plans for the property are.

Lowe also reported on the Otto Hummel property on Plum St. Neighbors have complained about a garage full of junk.

Lowe states budget spending is over what it should be at this time.

King asks council if mow.net is necessary. Cost is $100.00 per month but the site isn’t used much.

Ruot made the motion to discontinue mow. net, Bailey seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Bailey, Lowe, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

Building & Grounds Committee: Ruot reports he could not find an ordinance prohibiting the sale of drinks in glass bottles. He also has not visited Citgo to ask them to stop selling glass bottles because other businesses in town sell them also. Ruot suggests writing letters to businesses.

A proposal was received from Storck Computing Technologies & Consulting. After discussion Bailey

made the motion to accept the proposal from Storck Computing, Mahone seconded. Council voting Yes: King, Bailey, Lowe, Ruot, Mahone and Weakly. No: None.

During public participation Howard Wise voiced a concern about people speeding on North Putnam Street. Mayor Dowd suggested our officers could patrol more in that area.

Ruot made the motion to adjourn, Weakly seconded.