September 8,2020–Regular Meeting

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September 8, 2020
6:30 P.M.

Call to Order
Pledge to the Flag
Roll Call

Approval of September Public Hearing Minutes
Approval of August Regular Meeting Minutes
Approval of Bills to be Paid in September
Approval of Treasurer’s Report

Committee Reports
Attorney’s Report
Mayor’s Report
Public Comment

1. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Special Use Permit
Application Submitted by Stacey Kranz – Louis Jordan
2. Approval of Ordinance #2020-23 Authorizing the Sale of Real Estate –
Attorney Garwood
3. Approval of TIF Resolution #2020-R10 and Agreement for Level Up Training Facility – Mayor Neece
4. Approval of TIF Resolution #2020-R11 and Agreement for Moweaqua Township Park District Central Park Restrooms – Mayor Neece
5. Approval of Ordinance #2020-24 Setting the Date for a Public Hearing for the Village of Moweaqua Tax Increment Financing II Redevelopment Plan & Project – Mayor Neece
6. Approval of Ordinance #2020-25 Amending Ordinance’s #9/10/2013-1 and 9/10/2013-2 of the Moweaqua Business District Plan – Mayor Neece
7. Approval of Second Amendment to Agreement with Chastain and Associates for Engineering Planning, Design and Construction Services for the Village of Moweaqua Hanover/Wall Watermain Elevated and Ground Storage Water Tanks Painting Projects – Kenny Long
8. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding R.E. Pedrotti Proposal for Three
High Service Pump VFD Controls – Ramiro Estrada
9. Approval to Pay ½ Down Payment $2,090.00 to Mark Moore Construction for Entrance Counter – Kenny Long
10. Executive Session – Mayor Neece
(a) Regarding the Appointment, Employment, Compensation, Discipline, Performance or dismissal of a Specific Employee.
(b) Pending Litigation
(c) Real Estate