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Water Rate Increase



Dear Moweaqua Resident,


Beginning in February, you will notice an increase to your water and sewer bill. I want to give you a little background and also explain the reasoning for the increase. As mayor, I feel that the safety of our Village and the quality of our water are my first priorities. We trust that the water we consume, especially the water we give our children, is safe. I know that I personally take for granted that I can turn on the faucet and the water flows. Just as importantly, I can flush the toilet and the waste is removed from my home. 

Our water and sewer rates have had minimal increases over the years. For example, between 2005 and 2013, our rate per 100 gallons increased only 58 cents. Even with the Water Plant Maintenance fee of $17.87/month (added in 2018), our rates have remained very reasonable compared with those of other communities. Most of us pay more to watch our favorite shows than we do for water!

The water department works with our engineers and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) to improve and maintain our equipment and water quality.  Part of the funding for this comes from loans we secure through the IEPA. We have been required by the IEPA to increase our revenue to ensure that we are able to pay back the loans. This practice is similar to the bank looking at your debt-to-income ratio when you purchase a home. This increase will bring us up to the requirements of the IEPA, and it will allow us to proceed with the lead line project in the spring.

If you have questions, please feel free to come to a board meeting or send me an email.




Mayor Shawn Conlin